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Corporate Presentation

Updated on Feb 3rd 2015.

Presentation Notes

Updated on Jan 20th 2015.

Appendix of industry comparisons

Updated on Oct 28th 2014.

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From time to time some special presentations are developed for specific events or publications. A list of those available appears below.

Presentation at 18th annual CIBC institutional investors conference

Peter's & Co. Canadian Luncheon Series Presentation

Slides from Scott Robinson's presentation at Morgan Stanley's Calgary Energy Summit

Slides from Darren's Presentation at the First Energy Growth Conference in Toronto November 20th, 2013

Audio from Darren's First Energy Growth Conference presentation

Presentation at the Peters & Company 2013 Energy Conference in Toronto on September 10th

Presentation at the TD Stampede Energy Conference July 10th

Darren Gee's talk at the 2013 AGM

AGM Presentation from the 2013 Peyto AGM

Peters and Co 4 Amigos tour March 18-20 2013

First Energy/Société Générale East Coast Energy Conference Wednesday March 13 2013 in New York

Scott Robinson's November 2012 SEPAC Presentation

First Energy/Société Générale Energy Growth Conference

TD Calgary Stampede Energy Conference

Chicago Road Show July 2012

AGM Presentation from the 2012 Peyto AGM

Darren Gee's talk at the 2012 AGM

April 2012 CIBC Energy Conference

January 2012 Haywood Road Show presentation

2011 Peters and Company Energy Conference

2011 Enercom Denver Energy Conference Presentation audio

2011 Enercom Denver Energy Conference Presentation slides

Peyto Exploration & Development Corp 2011 AGM Presentation

Audio from the CIBC Energy and Infrastructure Conference.

Presentation from the CIBC Energy and Infrastructure Conference, Tuesday April 12th 2011

Presentation from the Haywood San Francisco Conference February 17th 2011

Presentation from the Peters and Co Lake Louise Conference January 26th 2011

Presentation from December 2nd First Energy Conference in Montreal

Audio from Peters and Company North American Oil and Gas Conference

Peters and Company North American Oil and Gas Conference

Thomas Weisel Partners Energy Conference 2010

Peter's and Company "Liquid Lunch" presentation

AGM Presentation 2010

General presentation at 2010 First Energy/Societee General Presentation in New York March 11, 2010

General presentation on Horizontal Drilling at Peyto.

CIBC Conference presentation April 20th 2009

BMO Conference presentation January 13th 2009

Peyto AGM Presentation

To MBA Students

Correcting NP

Valuation Discussion

Deep Basin Tight Gas

AGM Presentation: May 2005

AGM Presentation: May 2006


May 17th 2006 RBC Tight Gas Presentation by Scott Robinson

January 31st 2007 First Energy/Society General Presentation

April 18th 2007 CIBC Energy Presentation

Presentation from the AGM on May 29th 2007

September 11th 2007 Peter's Conference

April 16th 2008 CIBC Energy Conference

September 11 2008 Peters and Company North American Oil and Gas Conference

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2014 Q3 conference call

Our 3rd quarter conference call was held on November 13th an archival copy of the audio from that call is available on our Podcasts Page.

Annual General Meeting

A video of Darren Gee's 2014 AGM presentation is now available in our video library.

Media Moves and Change

We have added a Video Library under the Investors menu and moved our Podcasts and Webcasts page there as well. There is a video of Darren Gee, President and CEO, presenting at the 5th annual Ziff Energy Conference

NEW for Peyto Suppliers

March 1st, 2012 we moved to OpenInvoice, for more information click on the new Suppliers menu above

DRIP history under Investors

Upcoming Presentations

Darren will be presenting at 2pm Thursday January 22nd at the CIBC 18th annual Whistler institutional investors confernence. A copy of the presentation slides are available at this link.

Darren will be presenting at the First Energy 'Energy Growth Conference' on November 19th at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Toronto at 10:05am MST. This presentation will be webcast and availble at the following link address:

Darren will be presenting at the Peters & Co. Limited 2014 Energy Conference Tuesday September 9th at 2:00pm EDT at the Ritz-Carlton in Toronto. Click here to register to view the webcast of this presentation.

Most Recent Presentations

TD Securities Calgary Energy Converence. Darren will presented at the Hyatt Regency in Calgary on July 9th.

Darren Gee presented at Peter's & Co. Canadian Luncheon Series. Click here to see a copy of the presentation.

Scott Robinson presented at the Morgan Stanley Calgary Energy Summit. Click here to see the presentation slides.

Darren Gee presented at the East Coast Energy Conference, in New York City on March 12th Click here to view the presentation he made.


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